Aspen Winds on Fall Rivers offers information on Estes Park, Colorado horseback riding.

Exciting Estes Park, Colorado Horseback Riding

Come to the park and become a cowboy for an hour or a day! Enjoy miles of picturesque, secluded mountain trails through Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest as you ride and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains with an Estes Park, Colorado horseback riding expedition.

Ranches and stables in Estes Park offer trail rides, wagon rides, breakfast or dinner rides and pack trips for visitors to the area. These stables match horses to riders, provide outfitting for both you and your mount, and lead you through Rocky Mountain National Park to locations that will take your breath away. If you love the smell of fresh air and open woods, then you can enjoy them from a vantage point that only a horseback rider has. Some rides are available year round.

If you have horses of your own, Rocky Mountain National Park, just on Estes Park’s back porch, offers the most frequented horseback riding trails. Because horseback riding has been in the history of Rocky Mountain National Park since its creation, over 260 miles of trail are open to horses and other pack animals.

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